Vocal Coaching

Mindful Singing

Lessons for Adults

Through Gracie’s holistic vocal coaching, she combines traditional singing lessons with spiritual mentoring, bodywork, breathwork, and yogic elements to help empathic creatives sing their best, connect to their intuition, and feel more powerful! Her mission is to empower fellow empaths and help them gain confidence in their voices and identities as empaths, empowering them to connect to their purpose on earth.

Many struggle with anxiety, which can effect the body and create tension in the voice. Gracie has a holistic approach to singing and incorporates breathwork and bodywork into lessons. She holds a degree in classical voice and a yoga teaching certification, so she marries the two practices together during lessons.

Lessons for Children

Additionally, Gracie is passionate about teaching young singers how to sing in a healthy way. She loves fostering children’s love of music!

All levels and styles welcome!

Gracie has 12 years of experience teaching voice lessons, 6 years of experience in-classroom (K-8), and holds a degree in classical voice.

For more info and booking, please email gracie@mindfulsingingstudio.com.