About Gracie

Gracie Calvaneso is a singer, vocal coach, songwriter, and yoga instructor in Nashville, TN. Growing up in metro Detroit, Michigan, she began singing at a young age, taking voice lessons starting at age 11 and performing in choirs with the Michigan Opera Theater and Royal Oak Children’s Chorus.

Gracie has been writing songs and singing since she could talk, and her original music is a mix of pop, jazz, and country. Influences include an eclectic mix of Lady Gaga, Kacey Musgraves, Queen, Etta James, Mariah Carey, Adele, Alicia Keys, Maren Morris, and Brothers Osborne. Her songwriting style is straightforward and honest, and she aims to inspire and encourage others through her music and teachings. 

She attended Oakland University in Auburn Hills, Michigan, where she started out as a Vocal Performance major and intended to be an opera singer. After completing most of the opera music program, she soon realized this was not her path and switched to a BA in Music, focusing on pop music and her original compositions. During and after college, she began teaching K-8 music and voice lessons.

In 2015, Gracie developed vocal polyps, had to have them surgically removed, and went through vocal therapy. Through this experience, Gracie gained even more knowledge on proper singing and speaking techniques, and discovered the connection between singing and mindfulness.

In 2018, Gracie moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue her passions. She soon completed 200 hour yoga teacher training and gained a following teaching voice lessons. Following her intuition and strong will, she started her own business called Mindful Singing, teaching singers how to sing with ease and intention so they can feel confident with their voices. In her business, Gracie marries all of the things she loves together- singing, vocal technique, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Gracie is passionate about helping people and serving others, teaching them to have freedom through singing and to sing mindfully. Additionally, her greatest love in life is music, and she loves singing demos, performing, and getting the perfect harmony for a background vocal. Her favorite places are in the studio and on stage!