Student Testimonials

“Under Gracie’s incredible guidance, my daughter developed a passion for singing that I never knew existed. My daughter has an amazing sense of confidence in her ability thanks to the nurturing and supportive instruction that Gracie gives.  Gracie’s abilities as a teacher are unparalleled.”

–Nancy S., Bloomfield Hills, MI

“I was so very happy to have found Miss Gracie to be my daughter’s first voice coach. My 13 year old was very shy and reluctant to take lessons but she found a very encouraging and fun teacher in Miss Gracie.  She went from not wanting to take lessons to looking forward to her voice lessons.  Gracie introduced a great variety of songs and has a truly beautiful voice herself which helps to motivate her students!!”

-Stephanie A., Birmingham, MI

“I’ve learned so much about how to control my voice and how to sing in the most healthy way possible. Gracie has such a positive spirit and is a delight to work with.”

-Jeri W, Nashville, TN

“Gracie’s instruction focuses on the correct way to use your voice. She provided information on the how, why and what of the voice box and the correct way to project ones voice. She is very supportive in knowing what your goals are and how to reach those.”

-Kathleen D, Nashville, TN